Molecular Pathology/Molecular Biology Postdoc Positions

Two Postdoctoral Research Fellow training positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. H. Kim Lyerly at the Duke Center for Applied Therapeutics, at Duke University, Durham, NC.  These positions will be in conjunction/collaboration with pathologist Dr. Edgardo R. Parrilla Castellar at the Duke Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, and molecular biologist Dr. Greg Hannon, Cambridge University, and will focus on breast cancer immune-oncology. 

Current research efforts focus on innovative, non-invasive approaches for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, with ultimate goal of distinguishing biologically aggressive tumors for targeted therapy/immunotherapy.  This fellowship will specifically 1) explore the genomic changes leading to neo-antigens in breast cancer and 2) characterize tumor-associated immune-infiltrates using a molecular genetic approach.

Resources include platforms for massively parallel DNA sequencing and genomic/expression arrays, plus an annotated source of tissues is available for the study.  Reporting to the Duke Center for Applied Therapeutics efforts to characterize novel biomarkers and manuscript submission(s) are expected.  Duties and responsibilities may include: 

  • Perform standard technical procedures such as PCR, qPCR, and electrophoresis.
  • Perform DNA extraction from fresh-frozen and/or paraffin-embedded tissue, plasma or other non-cellular compartments.
  • Operate capillary analyzer, next-generation sequencing platform, and/or DNA microarray machine.
  • Design and establish a library preparation solution for targeted DNA or RNA massively-parallel sequencing.
  • Organize and perform integrative analysis of complex genetic and morphologic data, including computational and/or statistical analysis.
  • Establish and execute a validation/verification plan using validation samples using results of the biomarker discovery phase.

Training/Experience:   Candidates with strong interest in clinical diagnostic molecular genetics or molecular biology are encouraged to apply.  Expertise in tumor biology and experience in analysis of large datasets are desired.  Qualifying competencies include mastery of the English language, excellent organizational skills, self-motivation, and creativity.  The position entails a one- to two-year period, with extension contingent on performance and funding.

Education: Successful completion of an M.D., Ph.D., or M.D.-Ph.D. is a requirement. 

Interested candidates should submit a current CV/biosketch with their references and contact info to [email protected].

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